Honda <3

21 09 2010

even as a bmw enthusiast, i bet he still wants an NSX-R.



3 08 2010

I’m totally speechless.


mmmmeaty is yummmm..


The perimeter brace was not designed only for looks, it reinforces the wheel; strengthens it from deformation. Not only they have produced wheels that would withstand abuse, but also time, NT03+Ms are timeless.


CLEAN e46 Saloon.

7 06 2010

Chad E36 from BimmerForums and his simply stunning e46 saloon on style5 wheels. Pics courtesy of Flckr.

BMW <3: BTCC cars

12 02 2010

E92 M3: Practice Good House Keeping.

15 01 2010

Even they say that the combination is so well-worn; with the right size and fitment,  BBS LMs and BMWs will never go wrong.

Compressed H&R springs completes the perfect stance.

CSL inspired carbon trunk sweeps up that rear to give it a smoother look.

The wheels are BBS LM , F= 20×9 et15 , R= 20×10 et20 with a 12mm spacers in the rear.

Tire sizes are 245/30/20 and 275/30/20.

3D Chin Spoiler finishes the touch with an aggressive look.

BMW designs of the M3s have never disappointed me. From the e30 to the e92’s they have continued to deliver that smooth sporty look. A great combination of  performance and elegant styling.

Source: M3Post, Owner: M3V8

BMW: Studie AG, Japan

14 01 2010

Are European cars taking over Japan? Are Japanese trading in their Nissans and Toyotas for Porsches and BMWs?

We’ve all heard and seen Rauh-Welt and their supreme Porsches. And if you’re BMW ultimate driver looking for that ultimate tuning one-stop shop, there’s a place next to AC Schnitzer Japan called Studie AG. If I were to visit shops in Japan other than Spoon Type One Garage, it would be Studie AG.Their lounge reminds me of Urban Outfitters slash Ikea.

Return of the Mac

16 10 2009

I share the same fascination for cars with motorcycles. From Scooters, Choppers, Sport bikes, Sport Touring, Dirt bikes, etc, I narrowed down to 2 favorite styles;  a Cafe Racer and a Bobber. Both styles originated from different countries; One European and one American. Bikes with different origins but share a history of rockabilly music and post-WWII roots.

I was drawn to both styles because of their raw, strip-down, minimalistic and functional form. Americans preferred the low, cruiser for the wide, straight american roads and the Europeans preferred a higher and more agile racer for their tight-twisting roads.

Now what if we combine the 2 Styles?

Here is where the genius  chaps from MAC MOTORCYCLES( come to play.

Simply incorporating the same concept and improving it with a modern twist. For the outrageous  price of  US$12,000+ , In my own insane opinion,i believe it’s worth it.

American Bobber

Cafe Racer


Mac Motorcycles



Pee Shooter