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12 02 2010

Getting Down and Dirty:Bro’s Bmw E36 325is

29 01 2010

My brother called me yesterday and asked for help in changing the flex disc for his e36. Since i was free yesterday, i might as well help my younger sibling and enjoy some wrenchin.

The Car

The Problem: He has been complaining on why his car shakes while driving on high RPMs. Upon inspection, his guibo is deteriorating from the bolts.

Took out the exhaust pipe, loosen the drive shaft and some bolts.

The solution..

Comparing both old and new guibos is just a nasty sight.

Then we bolted everything back together, cleaned some parts before install. It took us at leats 2.5 hours to replace, most of the time spent was jacking the car up almost 2ft on all 4s. ( i wish i had a garage lift). I’d rate the difficulty a 5,wherein 10 is the hardest. It’s easier than replacing the timing belt on a Honda D series.

Thanks to for their detailed technical articles.