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20 10 2009




Return of the Mac

16 10 2009

I share the same fascination for cars with motorcycles. From Scooters, Choppers, Sport bikes, Sport Touring, Dirt bikes, etc, I narrowed down to 2 favorite styles;  a Cafe Racer and a Bobber. Both styles originated from different countries; One European and one American. Bikes with different origins but share a history of rockabilly music and post-WWII roots.

I was drawn to both styles because of their raw, strip-down, minimalistic and functional form. Americans preferred the low, cruiser for the wide, straight american roads and the Europeans preferred a higher and more agile racer for their tight-twisting roads.

Now what if we combine the 2 Styles?

Here is where the genius  chaps from MAC MOTORCYCLES( come to play.

Simply incorporating the same concept and improving it with a modern twist. For the outrageous  price of  US$12,000+ , In my own insane opinion,i believe it’s worth it.

American Bobber

Cafe Racer


Mac Motorcycles



Pee Shooter






Spoon <3

11 09 2009

I was so into LEGOs when I was a kid. Till now, 26 and married, even while walking through Walmart, or Target’s toys department, I itch to pick up a box of Legos and start building.

Here I found pictures from Flickr(by erockonvolks) that I wanted to share. It’s a lego builder’s passion for the speed factory known as Type One Racing / Spoon Sports.  I love the builder’s attention to detail and the photographer’s angles. I have also attatched a link of some pictures of the real garage located in Tokyo,Japan.

Spoon Sports/Type One Racing Tokyo, Japan