BUZZ: TOP SECRET’s Smoky Nagata will be in Houston.

17 02 2010

Source: MaydayGarage

Mr. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata, founder/owner of the famous “TOP SECRET” motorsports, is coming to Houston, Texas on March 31st,2010.

During his visit;he will be an honored guest for this year’s biggest Houston import show “Import Reactor” on March 31st, and according to MAYDAY Garage,he will also be tuning 20! Nissan cars over the span of THREE DAYS at a local tuner shop (Secret Services) with prototype ECUs from Top Secret. What an EXCITING event this will be! Since we, the lucky Houstonians, will witness Mr. Nagata  get his godly tuner touch on 20 of our local cars.

Not only is he the founder of the great tuning shop in Japan, but he has also made a quite unique reputation online and around the globe for doing high-speed chases in his v12 Supra.

to refresh our memory, here are some memorable videos i snatched from youtube of Mr. Nagata speeding his way around the world.

UK 1999


SuperCar Status:Pagani Zonda Cinque

11 11 2009


When you think of Italian supercars the 2 glorified gods of $peed are, Ferrari and Lamborghini. For the motor-heads, Speed-junkies and grease monkeys,  the holy-trinity of Italian supercars  wouldn’t be complete with out including the name Pagani.

The latest production;  Pagani Zonda Cinque (pronounced as “chink-whey”, meaning 5 in Italian) originated from the high demand to create a road version of the  Zonda-R.Compared to the regular F model;   the car will be  equipped with a maximum power of 699bhp@ n/a rpm,10 adjustable settings suspension and  Pagani’s newly developed carbon-titanium, a composite specially produced for the Cinque.



2 11 2009

ferrari-world-abu-dhabi_1The most crazy part about it, is that it’s almost COMPLETE!!Opening in 2010; This bright Rosso Scuderia (RED) structure,located in Yas Island, would be the largest indoor indoor theme park dedicated to the “king of supercars”. The structure and landscape will stretch out 4,843,759 sq ft bearing a Ferrari Logo on the center 215 feet in diameter. Just by the name “Ferrari World” already embodies a spirit of energy, excitement and imagination. With an estimate of 20 rides and attractions, including race-inspired simulators, exhibits,history museums, driving and racing schools, and of course, the “world’s fastest roller coaster”. The roller coaster which was designed to give you the true experience of sitting behind the wheel of a formula 1 race car blasting passengers at speeds up to 140mph.

My only Q is; Why in Abu Dhabi and not in Italy?

Hmmm Maybe because,they have the better architects, the funding and sponsors, and maybe because  UAE has captured the most Ferrari sales.Roughly 500 cars have been sold in Middle East Region for 2009 alone, and 150 are in UAE (By Himendra Mohan Kumar© Gulf News 2009)


Nissan GT500:Dream the Impossible Dream

27 10 2009

Non-Pro built from scratch and sponsored personal income; equipped with his passion, enthusiasm and necessary knowledge…

All to for the pursuit of a dream and the love of Japanese motorsports. Major props.

Check out the awesomenss


McLaren what?!

10 09 2009

McLaren Project #4 –  12(formula 1 performance index) Carbon


McLaren MP4-12c.

45years in the making, the British Ferrari-fighter racecar builder finally unveiled their latest production road car 9/9/2009. Packed with 3.8 V8 turbo producing roughly 600HP and 442 lb.ft of torque. McLaren proudly also introduced their 7 speed dual-clutch gearbox, calling it SSG(Seamless Shift Gearbox) which is the only option.

Enough rubbish; I’m going to be straight forward and I’m not going get into detail regarding the new developments and all the techy-tech McLaren loaded the 12C because i wasnt really excited with its new release.

I strongly agreed when Gordon Murray,renound designer of the McLaren F1,  stated “I can’t imagine anything I’d change on the F1. We got it right down to the last bolt and washer.” Yes, the F1 was a tough act to follow and for me the 12c failed its responsibility to carry on the torch. I already knew that the 12c lost its racecar formula 1 inspired attitude when they extracted the driver from the centerthe heart of the car. I guess McLaren is targeting on refocusing business thus competing with the newly released Ferraris and Lamborginis.Mclaren was forced to be fed to the corporate business dragons and is left with a souless intelligent computing pod.