BUZZ: TOP SECRET’s Smoky Nagata will be in Houston.

17 02 2010

Source: MaydayGarage

Mr. Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata, founder/owner of the famous “TOP SECRET” motorsports, is coming to Houston, Texas on March 31st,2010.

During his visit;he will be an honored guest for this year’s biggest Houston import show “Import Reactor” on March 31st, and according to MAYDAY Garage,he will also be tuning 20! Nissan cars over the span of THREE DAYS at a local tuner shop (Secret Services) with prototype ECUs from Top Secret. What an EXCITING event this will be! Since we, the lucky Houstonians, will witness Mr. Nagata  get his godly tuner touch on 20 of our local cars.

Not only is he the founder of the great tuning shop in Japan, but he has also made a quite unique reputation online and around the globe for doing high-speed chases in his v12 Supra.

to refresh our memory, here are some memorable videos i snatched from youtube of Mr. Nagata speeding his way around the world.

UK 1999


Good Times.

23 01 2010

Hella Soul 2010?