Happy 4th of July!

5 07 2010


S2000 Tribute 1999-2009

14 09 2009

In honor of my sad farewell to the beloved roadster.

Sadly due to declining sales, Honda Motors Japan pulled the plug on its fun and exciting 2-seater convertible.The S2000 received various awards,praises and favorable reviews from famous magazines,automotive organizations, critics and renowned tuners.  It was armed with a timeless yet aggressive 2-seater convertible styling, an orchestra of  7800RPM high-reving v-tec engine playing as you engage your foot on the pedal, precise steering married to a mechanical marvel transmission. Yes, it’s cramped, it had its flaws, it needs some improvements and has its  imperfections but beyond all these, the s2000 was a true enthusiast driver’s toy, a driver’s luxury, and the passenger is just a mere counterweight.

Thank you Mr. Shigeru Uehara for dreaming and Honda Motor Company for empowering the dream into reality.

Spoon <3

11 09 2009

I was so into LEGOs when I was a kid. Till now, 26 and married, even while walking through Walmart, or Target’s toys department, I itch to pick up a box of Legos and start building.

Here I found pictures from Flickr(by erockonvolks) that I wanted to share. It’s a lego builder’s passion for the speed factory known as Type One Racing / Spoon Sports.  I love the builder’s attention to detail and the photographer’s angles. I have also attatched a link of some pictures of the real garage located in Tokyo,Japan.

Spoon Sports/Type One Racing Tokyo, Japan