vtec kick in….

26 10 2010

…you know you hear it in your head..hehe




Honda <3

21 09 2010

even as a bmw enthusiast, i bet he still wants an NSX-R.


Honda OGs : FF Squad Video

2 03 2010

With all the new trends coming, people sometimes forget the true roots of tuning Hondas;it was not about the body kits, the flush stance, the rare parts, but it was all about mastering the mighty B-series. As a team, they’ve taught us that you don’t need to have rare expensive parts to enjoy your Honda; it was all about the camaraderie, the joy of driving what you have, and the passion for the hobby. Based on my observation, that’s what keeps them going stronger since the mid 90’s till today.

I have so much respect for this team, the video pretty much epitomizes my goal and reasons why I’m into cars as a hobby.

Good Times.

23 01 2010

Hella Soul 2010?


Rndm Vid: Honda Luv

9 01 2010

Love the background music on this video. A perfect day to spend with family and friends.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!

Soup of the Day

2 11 2009


SiRcopyThanks Kyle Crawford for the awesome picture.

Soup of the Day

20 10 2009