Honda <3

21 09 2010

even as a bmw enthusiast, i bet he still wants an NSX-R.


Fresh and so Clean

7 09 2010

random pictures I’ve scavenged. Its raining here in Houston and I was in the mood of posting some well kept,  (almost)factory restored spec cars.



15 08 2010

i blame the internet. i blame myself.

searching and stumbling upon “un-whored” pictures of awesome goodness is whats keeping me up.

is it coz i can’t sleep? or i can’t stop?


Skittles: Drive the Rainbow

10 08 2010

Special Delivery

9 08 2010

….must be nice. =)


3 08 2010

I’m totally speechless.


mmmmeaty is yummmm..


The perimeter brace was not designed only for looks, it reinforces the wheel; strengthens it from deformation. Not only they have produced wheels that would withstand abuse, but also time, NT03+Ms are timeless.


Nürburgring Sightings: Hot Red Porsche

6 07 2010