what is your favorite Initial D touge run??

3 11 2010



haters gonna hate…

2 10 2010

Video Ad: Lexus LFA

30 08 2010

clean advertisement pitch for the $$$$$$ Lexus.

RandomVid: DIY DaftPunk Helmet

26 07 2010

17months in 3 minutes. AWESOME.

Shinya Kimura: Master of Custom Bike building

12 07 2010

Here’s a very inspirational video of Shinya Kimura and his passion in building extraordinary pieces of engineering. I have been a fan of his builds because of the inclination of his designs to the cafe racer style;they elicit the beauty of  simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Random Vid: Gamers gone Wild

7 06 2010

It has been a long time since i posted! i have been pulling so much hours working lately and had no time to browse the interwebs.Worst part is,  Interwebz browsing had been recently blocked from my work,yeah i know, booo!

Well, Here are some videos I found of interesting rigs and game setups. One is a video of a gamer who hooked up his laptop to an e36 center console. Second would be an INSANE rig of an F1 simulator. Hopefully these 2 guys would meet up and come up with an epic racing gamer rig…just sayin’. enjoy. -SR71

Rndm Vid: BattleJunkies Nakturnyl EK

13 04 2010

An awesome video of BattleJunkies Nakturnyl EK civic before he parted it out. Seeing clean VSM EKs motivates me to keep my car silver.