Happy 4th of July!

5 07 2010


8 03 2010

Pictures from the interwebs, thanks to Jspek.com!

Not a fan of the new spoon wheels, i still ❤ Sw388s.

Do i spy a Mugen RR?!

Honda OGs : FF Squad Video

2 03 2010

With all the new trends coming, people sometimes forget the true roots of tuning Hondas;it was not about the body kits, the flush stance, the rare parts, but it was all about mastering the mighty B-series. As a team, they’ve taught us that you don’t need to have rare expensive parts to enjoy your Honda; it was all about the camaraderie, the joy of driving what you have, and the passion for the hobby. Based on my observation, that’s what keeps them going stronger since the mid 90’s till today.

I have so much respect for this team, the video pretty much epitomizes my goal and reasons why I’m into cars as a hobby.

Spoon <3

11 09 2009

I was so into LEGOs when I was a kid. Till now, 26 and married, even while walking through Walmart, or Target’s toys department, I itch to pick up a box of Legos and start building.

Here I found pictures from Flickr(by erockonvolks) that I wanted to share. It’s a lego builder’s passion for the speed factory known as Type One Racing / Spoon Sports.  I love the builder’s attention to detail and the photographer’s angles. I have also attatched a link of some pictures of the real garage located in Tokyo,Japan.

Spoon Sports/Type One Racing Tokyo, Japan