Awesome Score: 76 Schwinn Continental

1 03 2010

One of my daily online rituals, besides from visiting car forums and flickr, is looking for good deals on Craigslist. I usually brows on free stuff, bikes, cars&trucks and motorcycles. Every time i visit the site, there is always that one thing that I’d wish to get and end up the item being sold. while i was browsing the bikes for sale section, i spotted an american classic, a 1976 Schwinn Continental for $120. I’ve been looking for a bike but couldn’t get my heart set on what i really wanted. This bike caught my attention because of its loud orange color, complete Schwinn original parts and it’s running with no problems. With my love for classic motorcycles, I couldn’t resist on a classic racer. so i contacted the seller and immediately picked up the bike. The previous owner, who himself is a vintage motorcycle and bike hobbyist, had his suburb home garage filled with classic bikes and old school Honda s and Kawasaki s. He even had a Honda Mini-trail on the table!

How i got it: Original handlebar tape, cranks, heavy wheels, saddle foam over, etc…pretty much everything originally made from Chicago.

After a little love, took some quick pictures with my LG phone.

probably the next thing I’d do is replace the saddle, cause riding that 36 year old saddle just hurts my bumbum. Next would probably be the brakes. Either i go disk,or new lines and leavers. The previous owner asked me if I planned of converting it into a fixie, i said no, I’m keeping it how it was made to ride.

The inspiration… a LeMond Chambery.

Fuji Gran Tourer SE

I was happy with my purchase and also happy for meeting a motor-head, who possibly will be a good help when i find a classic Japanese motorcycle to build with my wife.