what is your favorite Initial D touge run??

3 11 2010




1 11 2010

vtec kick in….

26 10 2010

…you know you hear it in your head..hehe




Honda <3

21 09 2010

even as a bmw enthusiast, i bet he still wants an NSX-R.


Special Delivery

9 08 2010

….must be nice. =)


3 08 2010

I’m totally speechless.


mmmmeaty is yummmm..


The perimeter brace was not designed only for looks, it reinforces the wheel; strengthens it from deformation. Not only they have produced wheels that would withstand abuse, but also time, NT03+Ms are timeless.


Serious B-snessss.

28 07 2010

When pure function meets honda-tech.


what offset on those? those are some dope steelies….

external fuel pump match the function7 LCAs…

post your interior,steering wheel,sparco seats,racepak dash, motec ecu,air refresher, etc  thread……

tucked shaved bay,painted valve cover, with a  SUPER SIZED turbo.

hard park? or park HARD?

this kinds of builds are so serious that they dont only shoot for that 9sec club, but also aim on doing it with style.