Lamborghini: Valentino Balboni

20 10 2009


Valentino Balboni

former Chief Test Driver for Lamborghini.

Top 3 Bragging Rights:

#3. Drove almost every Lamborghini that was ever produced.  (best job ever?)

#2. Personally asked by Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini to test his newly built cars.  (take note, Personally asked!!!!)

#1. As a tribute for his 40 years loyal and outstanding service to the company, they immortalized  him by awarding him a Gallardo bearing his name.

the LP550-2 “Valentino Balboni edition”

awwww…that’s Epic.

Limited to 250 units, The 550 stands for the power output in hp and the 2 is for rear wheel drive.  All specs were according to his personal preference.