Honda s2000:spy vs spy

11 10 2010

one deserves a wing, but went wingless,

one uses the function of a wing,but aesthetically,it’s clean without it.

both are immaculate and deserve to be posted.




haters gonna hate…

2 10 2010

Honda <3

21 09 2010

even as a bmw enthusiast, i bet he still wants an NSX-R.


photo bombing..

8 09 2010

literally a random picture right hurr…

lol wut?

Fresh and so Clean

7 09 2010

random pictures I’ve scavenged. Its raining here in Houston and I was in the mood of posting some well kept,  (almost)factory restored spec cars.


Video Ad: Lexus LFA

30 08 2010

clean advertisement pitch for the $$$$$$ Lexus.


15 08 2010

i blame the internet. i blame myself.

searching and stumbling upon “un-whored” pictures of awesome goodness is whats keeping me up.

is it coz i can’t sleep? or i can’t stop?